You will first receive a Notice to Appear (“NTA”), which will specify the date. The first hearing that the alien must attend is known as a master calendar hearing. The deportation case is not a one-day process. It may take several years to reach a resolution. However this first day is the most important day of the removal case.

A removal case does not necessarily mean that you will be deported. If the reason for the deportation or  charges listed against you in your NTA can be appealed or if the immigration prosecutor fails to prove the reason for deportation, the case may be terminated at the master calendar hearing. Even if you admit the charges and are subject to deportation, you must tell the judge what forms of relief you are seeking. And if you have no forms of relief  from removal,  you can ask for voluntary departure instead of deportation orders.

In short, the overall direction of the removal case is determined at the master hearing. If you miss your immigration court hearing, the judge will order you to be deported. In such cases, you may be caught by the CBP and even deported. As this is an important day, we strongly recommend that you bring a attorney for your master calendar hearing.