Prodee University/Neo-America Language School, Walter Jay M.D. Institute, The American College of Forensic Studies, Likie Fashion and Technology College have been detected as immigrant scams. Those who attended these schools may not be able to apply for permanent residency. In addition, those who have already received permanent residency before the immigrant fraud are caught, and citizenship is denied when they apply for citizenship. Those who have already received permanent residence before the immigrant fraud are caught, and citizenship is denied when they apply for citizenship. Moreover, Immigration can also raise questions about the green cards they have already received.

It is not just a matter of their failure to maintain their legal status in the United States. Submitting an I-20 issued by any of these schools alone is fraud or misrepresentation under immigration law and leaves a fairly deadly record forever, leaving you with no other means of obtaining legal status without applying for a 601 waiver. Furthermore, because they failed to maintain their status, they are very likely to be deemed illegal immigrant at the same time that their application for permanent residency is denied.

If you are experiencing these trials and you already have a US citizen spouse, you can legally get permanent residency through the 601 waiver. When you apply for 601 waiver, you must prove that it is inevitable for your US citizen spouse to experience “extreme hardship”.  It seems to be hard to define “extreme hardship” in a word, and very difficult to prove that “extreme hardship”, but we are in with a chance of winning  when we are reviewing our success stories. For example, in one of our success stories in our office, there were young newlyweds and her US citizen spouse had the financial means and  and  had  healthy body. However, there was a case where she successfully acquired her green card, emphasizing that he would have a terrible mental distress if his spouse did not receive a green card.

Even if you don’t have a US citizen spouse, if you have a permanent resident spouse, permanent resident, or citizen-parent, there are some solutions you can take through your family.

Therefore, we recommend that you consult an immigration law attorney.