Whenever legal holidays are coming in the US, the most frequently asked questions are whether you should pay your employees extra if they work during the holidays. You may be also wondering how you should pay your hourly employee if you close your business on holidays or if it is illegal to work on such a holiday.

California law does not require its employers to close for business on any holiday. If an employee works on a holiday, they are paid their usual rate of pay and California law does not require the employer to give special benefits or pay any additional pay.  If an employer has agreed to pay employees extra rates for working on a holiday according to company policy or the terms agreed upon between the employer and the employee, they must pay them for the holiday.

A employer can choose be open for business on holiday and require their employees to work and there is nothing in the state law that obligates an employer must close its business on a holiday.

In addition, companies observe holidays but some some companies offer a paid holiday while others don’t. In this case, employer decides to offer paid holidays as an employee’s benefit, but California employers are not required to pay their workers holiday pay when they close for business on official holidays.

However, if the companies understand and consider that no employees want to work on a holiday and make a company policy according regardless laws, I think our Korean community may develop even more.