Personal Injury Q&As


Is the store owner responsible if I get hurt in their store

Yes, if your injury is the result of a dangerous condition about which the store owner knew or should have known. For examples, if you fall in the restroom that has just been mopped by the cleaning staff, there is liability if there were no warning signs. On the other hand, if you slip in the aisle of a department store, it will be difficult to prove that the store knew or should have known about the small puddle of water or other beverage on the floor.

Is the landlord responsible if I’m injured at the apartment?

Like the store owner, the landlord is only responsible for a dangerous condition that he knows or should know about. What makes this case especially difficult is the fact that a tenant who has lived in an apartment for any length of time should also know about a dangerous condition and is thereby equally responsible for the injury.


Is a homeowner responsible if I get hurt on their property?

Like the store owner and the landlord, the homeowner is only liable for injuries resulting from a dangerous condition that he knows about or should know about. Unmarked holes in the yard or a broken step are things that could result liability. Homeowner’s insurance usually provides for payment of medical bills incurred as a result of injury on the premises, but nothing more unless there is negligence as described.